Friday, December 29, 2006

Dumb Ideas that make ppl rich!!!

Guess the internet revolution also attracted a lot of dumb ppl towards it ..

Just saw a link which showcases some of dumb ideas that have earned the owners of the ideas a lot of money.

This is the best one yet, and makes you wonder how the hell the guy got that idea, and why don’t we ever get some ideas like that which could make us a lot of money.

Seems the guy created a Website with a template for a picture made of 10, 00000 pixels, and he sold each of those pixel space for a 1 $ each, and ppl actually bought them all!!!

He made a cool million by paying hosting charges of 30$ or so, now that’s a idea all ppl would love.

So screen real estate seems to be paying off too. Seems everywhere I see real estate is the only thing which is making ppl crazy rich, I am guessing that selling a piece of land on the moon and mars made a lot more money than this idea.

If only I had thought of this idea before lol

Maybe a second website made in the image of this idea would be a success too….hell even I would have bought a pixel cos 1$ is so cheap, the guy who thought of this is a either a genius or a very dumb guy who got lucky