Sunday, April 09, 2006

Stable computing

Finally everything has settled down, no more problems with the computers (phew!!). I had a problem with the older computer, suddenly it started showing BSOD and saying it has a problem with APIC or some other crap, it kept suggesting me to get a BIOS update.
I thought hey this is the first time windows suggested a bios update and I thought maybe the BIOS got corrupted and I should update to the newest version. So I got started with the flashing and the computer gets stuck, so knowing never to interrupt a flash, left it alone, then a sudden power failure occurs.

Tried starting the comp after that and it just wouldn’t boot, tried to re-flash which seemed impossible but thanks to my L33T (that’s elite in geek language) motherboard ASUS provided a way to flash the bios even if it was dead. The only problem was that I didn’t know which the default filename it would look for was. So long story short, I couldn’t find a way to flash the damm thing and had to take it to a chip level service center, and they said they would charge me 500Rs just for service (meaning taking the motherboard and looking for the problem) and they would charge more for repair. I was like WTF and tried to repair again but this time taking the help from the ASUS forum and it worked and now the comp is working again.

Now currently I am an expert on BIOS flash troubleshooting, thx to my research on BIOS’s.