Thursday, March 30, 2006

nfs record setters

Guess wat, i think i am bored blogging

anyway got up today with my mom shouting to get my ass out of the bed and get a headbath cos of the festival.after the daily morning routine of taking an hr to get of the bed, finally started up the comp and started playing nfs.

have been playing a single race in that game for god knows how long, and trying to set some new we(virat and me) started playing the game,first we had the usual bad luck hitting pillars and every vehicle in our way, then first he set the new record of 21.88 Secs soon after that i broke that with a lead of 22.12, then we threw the challenge to siddarth who says he is an l33t(thats Elite) driver.
he couldnt get close to those records and kept blaming the computer.then we finally figured we made the best time and that it cannot be beaten and retired for the afternoon. then took care of some work and went to sids house @ 7:30 then started nfs again. finally finished breaking record after record(granted the broken records were set by us, but a record is a record). then finally ended the race. i set a record of 28.88 sec and sid set 27.06. Today was all bout racing.