Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My first actual blog!!!

Been busy today, making all the final touches to the project documentation which em supposed to submit on friday.Creating documentation sucks, you never get to know if all that work will ever be seen or review by anyway gave it for binding and hopefully it will be finished and ready by friday afternoon,else em gonna kill the printer guy for taking an exorbitant price for printing.

anyway finally fixed all the problems with the comps which i have been having 2 comps are working great no probs. learned one thing during all this, never go cheap on power supplies, you will have to live through hell and the worst part, you can never be sure which part went bust.
the past four has been spent trying to wait what will be the next disaster to happen on the comp front,cos i cant even think of replacing or buying anymore computer parts for maybe the next 2-3 yrs.seems 2 of my friends had their share of hell to put up with(sid still has to put up a lot....i hate his comp dragging on,hope it goes ).

thats it for idea when em gonna be this bored to post again.but i dont think it will such a long time cos i have nothing to do till my externals start.

Some Random thing i picked up on net today

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