Monday, April 17, 2006

Finally free!!!

Attended my final day of college, seems now i am finally free of the college. Have to 'visit' the college for 3 more days and that’s it, goodbye to my engineering and look forward to other things .Engineering should have been a lot of fun, but since its our college, its been hell.

Whoever heard of taking permissions slips to get out of the college at the engineering level!!!! But that’s our college, more rules than the central jail. I mean come on, engineering is supposed to be a professional degree and when we come out of the college we are expected to be professional in our outlook and ideas. But seems my college has a different view, even if we don’t do any useful work we are supposed to stay in the college just because of WHAT? I can’t see how they can justify those damm rules. After we get into an organization, our professionalism comes into play, and we have to develop that from our college level. If the college can’t believe their students can manage their time and attendance, how the hell can companies trust us with their projects? .

This damm attitude of the college pisses me off; I didn’t have to follow these many rules even at my school and intermediate level.

Finally free of all this crap, there goes my rant about the college.

Have to attend the college for the project seminar, and then the 2 exams on 25th and 27th and hope I don’t ever visit the college again.

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so don't drink too much!!!