Monday, May 29, 2006

Prisons Or Holiday Resorts

Turns out Going to prison in US in not such a bad thing after all, if your have done a big enough crime that you are made to go to some of these ‘Corporate Prisons’.

One of the ‘prisons’ boasts of “Inmates can stay in shape using Lompoc’s full gym and tennis courts.” That’s right tennis court so that the inmates can stay in shape.
Now we seriously need to ask if this is a prison or some kind of resort which the inmates come to blow off steam.

I know in India the high profile prisoners (politicians, actors etc) are given some luxuries when compared to ordinary prisoners, but this is hidden to the general public and all the facilities provided are done so in secret. This means atleast the big shots here in India atleast maintain a façade that they are suffering/repenting for their crimes but the corporate America does not even do that.

Hope such kinds of prisons don’t turn up in India otherwise half the population would try to commit any crime just to get in there.

Instead of taking a holiday in a resort and paying money for it, the people will be in the prison enjoying their ‘Hard time’…….