Monday, May 01, 2006

Good, Old Holidays

Finished all my exams, and now for the holidays. But 3 days into the holidays and I am already bored. Can’t figure out what to do, except sleep, browse the internet, and sleep again.

Started watching the series Prison Break, a suspense series which charts the course of a escape of a group of prisoners from a high security prison (which looks more like a huge holiday resort). Finished downloading the first part of the series and now have to wait for the remaining episodes to be released. I like serials like this which involve a lot of planning and suspense. Just hope this does not become a serial like Lost which is currently in a filler spree, used to be interesting but now the its getting boring with nothing happening at all, but still this damm serial is still rated at the top.

Now back to real world, was reading the paper the day before and read an article about how Priyanka Gandhi is willing to join the main stream politics after her brother also joined the politics and that all the people are happy about this development.
WTF……given the chance to practically ‘rule’ the country I don’t think anyone will deny that chance, and we are supposed to be happy that these ‘Gandhi’s’ chose to do just that??. I am already sick of seeing Sonia Gandhi on the news everyday, now I have look at 2 more bozo’s from the ‘Gandhi’ family. All Sonia Gandhi does is find an opportunity and try and use it to emotionally gain some leverage.
Like the office of profit controversy, I don’t see what the great sacrifice was, she quit the parliament and then got re-elected in about 3 weeks??? What is so great about that, if we put a dog and add the ‘Gandhi’ name beside it, the people of that constituency will elect even that, just because of the name. I cant believe there are people in this country so dumb enough to believe all these political maneuvers.

Anyway the blog will be updated more frequently cos…..well it’s the holidays and I have nothing much to do.

Random Image of the day: The world map according to Bush(he makes it seem so simple!!!)