Sunday, May 21, 2006

Go Nuclear!!

The John Howard show has decided that nuclear energy is safe and furthermore that its a clean energy source!? yeah right...

posts like these are the reason people are so afraid of leaning towards nuclear is wrong with call nuclear energy green?

compared to other energy sources nuclear can be considered very 'green' better than pumping of millions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every day.

the only good thing is people are being more aware of such dumbass people and they all bashed up the guy who wrote the article...hehehe

hope there are more awareness about these kindof topics. one post really summed it up.

Amzing all these ecomentalists "we don't want fossil fuels cause of the ozone layer" but "we also don't want nuclear power cause it's to risky".

Well at the end of the day we need power!

Hampster wheels powering light bulbs wind farms and water arnt going to cut it.

FFS live in the real world.